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We are a family-owned company, who has been deeply involved in the plumbing
industry for generations.

For repairs and replacement warranties:
One year warranty on parts and labor supplied by our company.

Mission Statement:
Brentwood 1st Plumbing strives to keep customers at the focal point of our business and provide straightforward pricing, reliable customer service, and feedback. We are the bridge to foster long-term relationships for all your plumbing needs and services.
Vision Statement:
We are dedicated to offering the highest quality plumbing service, which will exceed the expectations of their clients today. Brentwood 1st Plumbing will strive to provide an unparalleled level of excellence in everything we do.
  Residential & Commercial
  Water Heaters
  Water Supply
  Shut Off Valves
  Fixture Replacement & Repairs
  Low Pressure
  No Pressure & High Pressure
  Pressure Regulator Valves
  Garbage Disposal
  Backflow Prevention Systems
  Thermoexpansion Units
  Clogged Drains
  Vanity & Sink Installations
  Renovation & Remodels
  Sump & Sewage Pumps